SHARE Festival is a new festival that will take place this coming summer in Barcelona.

The main topic is happiness, and the event proposes two ways in its pursuit: Music and Solidarity.

Music: thanks to artist’s performances sending a positive, joyful and optimistic message with their music.

Solidarity: because we believe sharing is the best way to achieve happiness.

SHARE Festival is the first festival which offer the chance to win free tickets by taking different solidarity actions that can be done through the festival’s official app or the website.

The actions to be taken relate to climate change, human rights, gender equality, children education and the end of extreme poverty, among other subjects, and can be done with a simple click on Facebook & Twitter, signing online petitions and scanning QR codes.

Prior to and during the Festival we will measure & display the actual impact achieved in the life of thousands of people thanks to the actions taken by the attendees.

With SHARE FESTIVAL we want to give voice to a whole new generation full of good values.