Gemeliers completes SHARE Festival line up

After a long journey of successes, in 2018 arrives GMLRS. At their 19, Jesús and Daniel open a new stage in their career with a renewed image, which focuses on urban music and refreshing sounds.


The first two songs that have seen the light are ‘Tímida’ and ‘Amor en Stereo’, with a new visual proposal and new sounds. Both new singles have broken barriers and in less than a month they have 2 million views on YouTube and Spotify.


On May 25, they released their third song of this new stage, entitled ‘Lento’ which features the collaboration of Latin stars as Joey Montana and Sharlene, and competes to be the summer song. His videoclip has been shot in Cuba and is loaded with Caribbean rhythms with which they reinforce their commitment and reaffirm that they are no longer the teenager group and the change they pointed to in their latest songs has been consolidated, giving room to GMLRS.


After a year and a half, they return to the stages on July 21 at SHARE Festival.