Below we show you the most frequently asked questions related to SHARE Festival.

If you have any other question that does not appear here, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be glad to help you.

Can I get into the Festival venue with a camera or video camera?

You will not be allowed in with professional cameras (reflex) or with video cameras, except in the cases where you have been authorized by the organization of the Festival.

Is there a cloakroom on the site?

No, there won’t be a cloakroom in the venue.

Can I take drinks into the Festival site?

No drink is allowed to bring into the venue, except small plastic bottles of water (33cl.) without cap (for security reasons).

Is there a lost property stand?

The information stand is also used as a lost property stand.

You can check the online map on the website or app to know where is located.

When the festival is over all the lost property is taken to the Share Festival offices. If you have lost something and you have not claimed it during the Festival you can get in touch with us at

Where is the medical team of the Festival?

On the Festival site you will find medical services where first aid care will be available. You can also talk to any member of Share Festival staff and they will get a medical service team to you.

You can check it out in the map of the web or app.

Where are the toilets on the venue?

You can check the location of the toilets on the map of the venue published on the website and the festival app.

Is there an area for merchandising on the Festival site?

Yes, in the venue you will find the official merchandising of Share Festival.

If I have a serious problem is there a security post where I can get help?

If you have any serious problem you can talk to anyone from the Festival organization, they will do everything within their power to help you. You will also be able to find security staff all around the festival site.

Can I bring animals to the Festival site?

It is not allowed to enter with any kind of animals.

Are there any complaint forms available to the customers?

There are complaint forms available at the Festival information points located at the main entrances and inside the venue. There is also the option to complete one of the forms from l’Agència Catalana del Consum (Catalan Consumer Agency):

Can I smoke?

Yes, you can. Being an outdoor enclosure, smoking inside is allowed.

Is there available Wi-Fi?

No, there isn’t. The site does not have Wi-Fi.

What facilities are available for people with reduced mobility or people with special needs on the Festival site?

The whole site is adapted for people with reduced mobility. Check the online map to find the special zones.

Are there toilets for people with reduced mobility or people with special needs?

Yes, the enclosure has special bathrooms fitted for people with reduced mobility.

Can I download some official APP?

Yes, you can. SHARE Festival has an official App where you can earn points by doing solidarity actions, which you can exchange for tickets to the festival and other prizes.

On the App you can find detailed information of artists, performances, schedules and everything you need to know to organize each day and be aware of any updates.

How can I contact the SHARE Festival customer service?

If you need to contact SHARE Festival, you can do it through our email: