Minors at SHARE Festival: 28/29 June, 2019

All minors must pay a ticket for capacity reasons.

Minors from 16 years old (included) may enter the festival without any authorization or companion.

Children up to 15 years old (included) must be accompanied by an adult.

The person responsible for the child must sign a document of responsibility exemption from the Festival, which you can download from this page and you must submit previously completed at the entrance of the event, to avoid waiting for the queues that can be formed in the accesses and facilitate the process .

Document 1: Download here this document if the companion is the father, mother or legal guardian.
Document 2: Download here this document if as a father, mother or legal guardian you authorize a third party to accompany the minor.

Along with this document and the ticket, it is necessary to present the following documentation to the entrance of the premises: ID, family book, passport of both or legal document that proves the parental relationship of the child or responsibility for the child.

Remember that during their stay in the enclosure, parents, legal guardians or authorized companions will be responsible for any action that the minor makes.

If you have any other question that does not appear here, do not hesitate to contact us at info@sharefestival.org and we will be glad to help you.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

There is no ID requirement because tickets are not nominal. There is no a minimum age to enter the venue (minors up to 15 years included have to enter accompanied by a responsible adult).

Is it possible to get into the festival with children or minors under 18? Is there a specific space and rate for them?

Children up to 15 years (included) can enter the Festival by paying the corresponding ticket and must be accompanied by their parents or a legal tutor.

Minors 16 years and older, having paid their entrance, will be able to access the venue in the same conditions as adults without the need to be accompanied.

The Organization informs that the legislation in force expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors, for this reason every minor will be identified by a bracelet with which they will not be able to buy alcohol. The minors will have to carry their ID and have this wristband visible at all times.

The person responsible for the minor must sign a document of exoneration of responsibility by the festival, which will be provided at the entrance of the site.

The lack of compliance with the above requirements will be cause for expulsion from the venue and will be entitled to any refund of money paid for the ticket of the minor.

What is the minimum age to attend the festival alone?

You must be at least 16 years old to attend the festival by yourself.

Those under 16 must be accompanied by their legal guardian or with an adult holding an authorization signed by the legal guardian.