Friday 20 July:

  • Brodas Bros: 19.00-19.20 h
  • Alfred García:  19.30-20.30 h
  • Álvaro Soler:  20.50-22.00 h
  • Morat: 22.20-23.30 h
  • The Tripletz: 23.30-00.00 h

Saturday 21 July:

  • Brodas Bros: 18.15-18.25 h
  • Gemeliers: 18.30-19.20 h
  • Sebastián Yatra: 19.45-20.45 h
  • Abraham Mateo: 21.05-22.05 h
  • Rita Ora: 22.25-23.25 h
  • The Tripletz: 23.30-00.00 h

We will announce very soon the final schedules of each performance and the rest of activities and performances on the web, social networks and festival app.

Below we show you the most frequently asked questions related to the schedule and programme of SHARE Festival.

If you have any other question that does not appear here, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be glad to help you.

What are the SHARE Festival schedules?

Doors opening: 17.30 hours

End of the festival: 00.00 hours

The festival line-up and schedules can be found in the festival’s App or in the website through this link:

When is the best moment to get to SHARE Festival?

Doors opening is at 17.30, so we always recommend arriving in advance to access the venue, due to the queues may be formed.

Is there a cut-off time to access the SHARE Festival?

The entrance will be allowed up to 30 minutes before the end of the festival that is until 23.30.

Where can I find the festival’s programming?

You can check the concert timetables on the festival’s website and mobile app.

What is the best way to get updated information about possible changes in the programme?

Any change in the performances or timetables will be announced through the website, social networks and app of the festival.