Alvaro Soler is with SHARE Festival!

Alvaro Soler is a Spanish singer and songwriter, who started his career during the summer of 2015 in Berlin, when he became known for the success of his first single, ‘El mismo sol’, which became No. 1 in sales throughout Europe (his video clip exceeds 140 million views). Shortly after the song was covered with Jennifer Lopez, and reached the top of the charts in more than 30 countries, becoming one of the best selling songs worldwide that year.


One year later, he releases his single ‘Sofía’, which he surpass his previous hit and becomes an international success that currently has 400 million views of her music video and which was number 1 on many music charts across Europe.


Shortly after he publishes its first album called ‘Eterno Agosto’ that enters in the Top 5 of the lists of sales of all the European countries. It should be noted that all the songs on the album are composed by him and in his melodies we find perfectly fused all his influences.


Later comes his single ‘Animal’, which is played on radio stations across Europe, and in 2017 he returns with the hit ‘Yo contigo, tú conmigo’ along with the Colombian group Morat, to star in the soundtrack of the movie ‘Despicable Me 3.


The song, which in addition to being a best seller in our country and in Latin America and being at the top of the charts, also had a great reception throughout Europe, getting a platinum certification in Italy.


The next hit promises to be one of the summer’s most popular songs will be his single ‘La cintura’, which will be released on March 29.