Rita Ora will be at SHARE Festival!

Rita Ora is a British singer, songwriter and actress discovered by Jay-Z, who debuted in 2011 with DJ Fresh with the track ‘Hot Right Now’ where she is the lead vocalist, and it led the UK Singles Chart.


In 2012 she started working on her first album, and it was released with the single ‘R.I.P.’, song composed by Drake and played with Tinie Tempah, which quickly became number one on the UK charts, also being a great sales success since the first week and reaching the top positions in Australia and a platinum certification. The rest of the songs on the album were overcoming themselves, reaching the top of the charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.


In 2017 she presented the MTV Music Awards, where she had double prominence, for also performing with two of her top 10 in the British charts, ‘Your song’ and ‘Anywhere’ that received very good reviews.


No doubt 2018 promises to be her year, along with Liam Payne they have been responsible for playing the soundtrack to the blockbuster ’50 shades of Gray’ with the song ‘For You’, which is current number one in the European ranking of the most listened singles and it continues in the Top 10 of the UK lists.


On the other hand, on March 1 she won the Global Award in the category of ‘Best Pop Artist’. Among the Spanish charts she has 3 of her songs currently positioned and has over 22 million listeners on Spotify. Notably, she is the first female artist to have 12 hits in the top ten in the UK.


SHARE Festival will host its first performance in Barcelona on July 21.